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Simpson PS3228-S PowerShot Review

Welcome to our Simpson PS3228-S PowerShot pressure washer review. In this review, we cover the different features of this high powered gas pressure cleaner.

The PowerShot 3200 is a powerful washer that can be used for professional cleaning, including decks, paint preparation, graffiti removal, restoring wood, along with a wide variety of other uses.

Some of the great features of this gas pressure washer is it is very compatible, as well extremely easy to set up and transport anywhere you need to. Due to its power, it can be used for commercial cleaning purposes or if you have bigger cleaning tasks, aside from residential purposes.

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Powerful, Reliable Engine

The Simpson PowerShot 3200 pressure washer runs on a powerful Honda GX200 engine. The engine includes an oil alert system that informs you when the oil is low or should be changed. Triple plunger pumps allows this device to have higher pressure at the nozzle. This features gives users more spraying force in anything you are looking to clean. The 3200 PSI pressure rating also gives it a good advantage over many lower powered pressure washers on the market today.



Hose and Spray Control

The hose on this device is made from poly-braided material, making it kink free, so you never have to worry about the hose getting tangled up or causing issue that can affect the spray to perform less than it should. The wand on the Simpson PS3228-S PowerShot pressure washer has 5 adjustments, allowing you to apply the pressure and spray technique required for various cleaning tasks as you need them.

Cost for Quality

The power delivered by the PowerShot 3200 is easily felt, especially if you have ever used other lower quality pressure pumps on the market today. It does cost more than other popular brands like Black & Decker or Briggs and Stratton models, but you will also get the better results in terms of quality of performance it has over these other models.

So therefore, even if you have to end up spending around $200 more than the cheaper models available, you will be much happier with this device over the long run if you want something that is reliable and provides continuous spaying power. Anyone considering to purchase this pressure cleaner will be satisfied for purchasing it, even if it costs a little more.

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What Makes the Simpson PowerShot 3200 Good?

Engine Efficiency

So what makes this pressure washer better than the other models on the market today? Actually it’s not surprisingly the engine, as it is pretty much a standard size. While it does have a Honda Engine, allowing you to know it is more reliable, in reality, the engine size is still standard compared to other models.

Pump Quality

What really sets this apart is the machines’ pump. As mentioned earlier, the plunger pump allows the Simpson PS3228-S PowerShot pressure washer to have a higher pressure at the nozzle. Having the higher pressure results in being able to clean more effectively. That’s because the large pressure is able to clean and take off any type of dirt, paint, mold or other particles stuck on almost any type of material you can imagine.

Long Operational Time on One Refill

One other area the Simpson PS3228-S PowerShot pressure washer does a good job in is its ability to run for a long period with minimal amount of gas needing to be pumped into the unit. One full tank can last as long as 4 hours. This gives you plenty of time to use this equipment for cleaning things before needing to refill.

Unlike many other models that can quickly break down, the sturdy Honda Engine ensures that the Simpson PowerShot 3200 power washer will last for many years to come. Be sure that it is properly maintained at all times as gas engines need more care. While this can be used for commercial purposes, it does a good job for larger residential tasks.

Simpson PS3228-S Powershot Pressure Washer Review Summary

This is high powered 3200 PSI gas power washer that is a bit bulkier than the smaller, less powerful units around, but packs a good punch. It lets you make quick work of bigger cleaning tasks like ATVs, boats, wide driveways.

The practical price makes it a great device to use at home. Many use this in rural areas where there is a lot of dirt that gets on their driveways or sidewalks, as this pressure cleaner will quickly get rid of it in a matter of seconds.

See pricing, customer ratings, reviews of the Simpson PowerShot 3200

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