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Powerworks 51102 Pressure Cleaner Review

This is our Powerworks 51102 pressure washer reviews. In it we cover the different features and specifications of this electric power washer as well as what types of cleaning tasks it is best suited for.

Powerworks 51102 Overview

The Powerworks 51102 is a great little washer for around the house. It can be used for everything from cleaning the sidewalk to washing down the vinyl siding on my house. It has great mobility and the large rear wheels and handle make moving it easy without tipping over.

The 35 ft. power cord is adequate, but you won’t be able to clean the entire outside of your house without changing outlets or have a long extension cord. That said though, there aren’t that many manufacturers make theirs that much longer. To keep from changing outlets so often, get a good,
rugged extension cord.


Specifications and Pressure Ratings

The unit is rated as being able to produce 1700 PSI which is a good respectable about of water pressure for light to some medium cleaning jobs outside the home. It is definitely more than enough power for the types of jobs that most people need.

This electric pressure washer comes in a lightweight frame that’s made out of plastic. This is one thing that may not appeal to those who like the feel of a good weight so that they know that the unit is there.

The structural design is made as such because this power washer is designed for the homeowner, not for a big construction site, so it isn’t build to be as rugged as some of the other larger units presented in our reviews.

If you’re looking for a power washer that will stand up under those conditions, then you’d be better off buying an industrial-grade washer. They are however more expensive and may have more power than you’d need.

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Hose Length

The Powerworks 50012 comes with a 25 ft. hose, and since it is a power washer, that’s plenty long enough hose for most residential use. You’ll have no problem reaching the upper level of your home when it comes time for spring cleaning. When finished, just roll the cord up on the spool that is built into the unit.

If you do have a two story home or have high ceilings there could be a couple of areas in the gables where it may not be able to reach. The solution would to this problem would involve climbing up on a ladder.


Cleaning Ability

The Powerworks is also excellent for a lot of other household chores: when it comes to cleaning the rack for my outdoor grill, there’s nothing better. Simply spray it down with an oven cleaner and wait a while. Then take the power sprayer and hose it down to a factory shine, all without getting your hands dirty.

It can also be used for cleaning things like garden tools. If you have a small garden out back and sometimes that gets caked up with dirt. You can take and spread them out on the ground and hit them a time or two with the power washer and it knocks the dirt right off.

Soap Reservoirs

The unit also comes with two built-in soap reservoirs for removing stubborn grime. All you need do is switch them on when you need a little more cleaning power. For jobs where you don’t need soap, like the sidewalk, just leave the soap dispenser switched off. This is a handy feature since I’m never sure when I’m liable to run into a job that requires a little more cleaning power than water alone can deliver.

However, there are some jobs where the soap dispensers are indispensable, and that is when it comes time to wash the car or any other item where you need to tackle on oil or grease. This is when the power washer really earns it keep.

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The powerful jet produced by the 1700 PSI engine powers away dirt and grime from both vehicles. On top of that, the jet has more than enough power to power away road grime from the tires. Many times, you don’t even have to use a brush, and the two built-in soap dispensers mean that I can do the whole car without reloading. This definitely beats using your run-of-the-mill garden hose.

Assembly Required

As with all the pressure washers included in our reviews, some assembly is needed. You’ll notice that most electric pressure washers will require less assembling compared to the gas models. But in either case do read the users guide carefully and take the time to attach the components properly.

Some people end up with problems like leakage around the nozzle, that may stem from not snapping the connection together correctly or something or not making the proper attachments.

As mentioned earlier, this unit is built for use around the house. When assembled and used properly, we feel that the unit will provide the average homeowner with years of service. Of course do realize that nothing lasts forever and eventually my power washer will wear out, just as all mechanical equipment and tools.

Powerworks 51102 Pressure Washer Review Summary

The Powerworks 51102 is a cheap pressure washer . This gives you a low cost alternative to the costly units and rids you of the lower powered, more water consuming garden hose.

The unit is lightweight, has a long power cord, good length hose and steady water high pressure water stream that works well in handling residential cleaning tasks.

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