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Generac 6020 Gas Power Washer Review

The Generac 6020 is a gasoline engine powered cold water pressure washer designed for larger residential cleaning jobs. It delivers a maximum 2500 PSI and 2.3 gallons per minute to clean larger areas quickly and effectively. It is powered by a Generac 196cc engine that provides enough torque to run the pump and deliver the cleaning power to tackle the most difficult residential cleaning tasks.

Pump Design

Many gasoline engine pressure washers have a vertical shaft engine with a low mounted pump. The engine on the 6020 washer is a horizontal shaft design with the pump mounted at the rear of the engine. This allows the water ports to be placed higher on the unit. Setting the ports this way makes connecting and disconnecting hoses quite easy. The pump also features a relief valve that opens if the pump were to overheat. This safeguard mechanism helps preserve its internal components to ensure longer life for the power washer.


Generac 6022

Engine Shutdown Features

This pressure washer features a low-oil switch that automatically shuts the engine down if the oil level falls below the recommended line. When this happens, the engine will not be able to start until more oil is added. This is a good feature to so the internal parts are kept in good condition and not forced to work when there is no oil to lubricate the mechanical parts. Doing so can cause serious and irreparable damage to some internal parts..

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The engine and pump on the Generac 6020 are nicely balanced on the two wheels to allow easy maneuverability anywhere a good cleaning is needed. The two feet at the front of the unit work well to anchor this pressure washer and keep it stationary.

The 6020 includes a 25 foot hose that is long enough to handle most residential cleaning tasks without movement of the unit. It may be stiff for the first few cleaning tasks, but it will become pliable after further use.

Handling the Generac 6020 Gas Pressure Washer

The handle features an ergonomic trigger to reduce hand fatigue, allowing for long use during heavy cleaning jobs. The hose does tend to contact the exhaust manifold of the engine, which can result in high heat ruin if left like this for long periods of time. So it is recommended to tie the hose to the unit’s frame to keep it away from the exhaust so that it does not get damaged.

3 Nozzle Tip Choices

Also included with this handle are three quick-click nozzle tips. One is a high pressure 0-degree blasting tip, the second is a 25-degree high pressure cleaning tip, and the third is a lower pressure soaping nozzle tip.

Do pick the correct tip for the job at hand since using a wide nozzle may not be able to take off stubborn dirt quickly, while too concentrated a water spraying at a low degree angle may be too powerful that it can damage your property or furniture.

Aside from choosing the correct nozzle tip, also consider distance from the object itself. This pressure washer is powerful enough that it may damage concrete and strip paint if sprayed too closely to the cleaning surface. The blasting nozzle tip concentrates all the pressure into a single stream, so a farther distance between the nozzle and cleaning surface would be ideal to avoid damage. At a farther distance, the water jet expands, which covers a wide surface area to cut working time and achieve a great cleaning.

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Engine Design

The 6020’s engine uses a pull-start design. This is common with gas pressure washers and something that takes more work compared to electric models. However, the Generac 6020 does have an integrated “unloader” valve that makes pull-starting easier over other small engines.

One possible issue is that the oil fill opening can be rather difficult to reach. A good solution to this is to use a long funnel to avoid messy oil spills.

The engine noise level is similar to most small engine machines. It isn’t as noisy as many other gas pressure washers on the market but it does make more noise than the electric versions.

The noise is a trade-off for the increased cleaning power that only a gasoline engine powered pressure washer can provide. These types of power washers have a higher pressure and larger flow rate, which cuts cleaning time to a fraction of that needed when using smaller electric powered units.

Notes on Gas Power Washers

When ordering this or any other gasoline powered unit online, note that often they are not returnable once they are filled with fuel. This is because shipping items that have even traces of flammable or hazardous chemicals like gasoline are prohibited from shipment by most carriers. So do check with the manufacturer beforehand on your return options should you have any issues with your product before purchasing it.

Generac 6020 Pressure Washer Review Summary

Overall, the Generac 6020 high pressure washer is a good purchase for the price. It is a powerful unit that is better suited if you want to take on larger jobs around the home. This includes cleaning larger driveways or washing off patios.

The power of this pressure washer is very good for medium to heavy non-professional residential cleaning jobs and it is a good choice as a mid-grade between the light-duty electric pressure washer and the expensive, heavy-duty professional power washers currently available.

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