When the power of electric power washers aren’t enough the best gas pressure washer gives you that added spraying power that’s needed to get those tough stains, paint and dirt off of your vehicles and property.

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While they take a bit more to maintain and get started, there’s no denying their ability in terms of performance. These are the equipment you need if you want to go through large areas in shorter amounts of time and also take off the hard to remove, grime, mold and other stubborn particles.

Our Picks for the Best Gas Pressure Washer and their Reviews

Generac 6024

The Generac 6024 gas pressure washer is a well built washer that should meet the needs of most individuals who require something that can take on heavy duty cleaning work like cleaning patios or decks, driveways, stripping paint and also siding. At 3100 PSI it fits into commercial work sites as well as residential homes that have larger areas that require cleaning. Its power lets you get the job done much faster than the lower PSI units.


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This model features an easy to use set of engine controls that are also easy to access, as well as an on and off switch, a choke and a fuel shut off. The design of this power washer is compact and should fit neatly into a small space such as a garage or storage room.

The engine and the pump on the device are also well balanced over the axle, which will allow for easy maneuverability, no matter what terrain the device is being used on. This device is sturdy and well built and will meet the needs of those that need a pressure washer that is reliable.

Simpson PS3228-S PowerShot

The Simpson PS3228-S PowerShot comes in next in our best gas pressure washer reviews. Like the Generac 6024, the PowerShot 3200 is a powerful device that harnesses the strength of a Honda GX200 OHV engine that is built to run smoothly at all times.

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Compared to the 6024 from Generac earlier in our reviews, this PowerShot model has a slightly higher PSI but is also much bulkier in size. So do make that consideration when choosing between the two.


Extra engine oil is included with your purchase which does save you some time and money as you get started. The price of this unit is very good and is competitive in the pressure washer market.

The Simpson PowerShot 3200 comes with a solid and rugged built thanks to its a steel frame that is welded, as well as a steel engine plate and a set of pneumatic tires that are for great for durability.

This is certainly a good choice of pressure washer and will meet the needs of most individuals who need extra power. The large wheels and durable set up means that it will be ready to transport when taking it between destinations.

Generac 6022

The Generac 6022 comes in next in our best gas pressure washer reviews. This is a slightly lower model compared to the 6024 above in that it pumps water at 2700 PSI of pressure. This makes it more of a multipurpose cleaner, though on the higher end of that class.

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The Generac 6022 is a well designed power washer that is easy to use and is relatively affordable at around $250. The device does tend to use a bit more oil when compared to other models on the market. However, the it does come with an additional 20 ounces of oil which lets you quickly get started.

Generac 6022

The unit comes with a powerful Generac 116cc OHV engine that also has a low oil shutdown system within, as well as a integrated unloader valve which can be used for an easy engine start up.

This gas power washer does come with everything that is needed in a pressure washer, including a soap dispenser and a gas powered generator that is easy to use, as well as a design that is small and compact, making it easy to store around the house, or take between locations.

This and the 6024 are on the higher end of the scale in terms of residential use and really work if you need to clean concrete surfaces or larger spaces as they help you get the chore done faster. For an even lower PSI model, you may want to check out Generac’s 6020 power washer which comes with very similar specifications but uses 2300 PSI.

If you want something that’s milder in terms of water pressure produced, our best electric pressure washer reviews, offer a good collection to choose from. These units work better for smaller jobs since they’re power is just right to get the objects clean but not harsh enough to damage them.

Simpson MSH3125-S MegaShot

Rounding out our best gas pressure washer reviews is the MegaShot 3100 also from Simpson. This is very similar to the PowerShot above, but comes in with a lower pressure rating at 3100 PSI and also runs on less water at 2.5 GPM compared to the 2.8 GPM of the PowerShot 3200 above.


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The Simpson MSH3125-S is contains a Honda GCV190 OHC engine that is easy to use and will work well under many conditions. The engine is also quiet and does not weigh a great deal despite the fact that it looks heavy. Combined, these make the device easy and efficient to use.

It is made to be strong and durable, thanks to the welded frame construction, which also comes attached to 10 inch pneumatic tires.

So there you have it, out top picks in the gas power washer category.