Welcome to our best electric pressure washer reviews. In it we list down, compare and review the different top products that run on electricity. These units make your cleaning chore not only simpler but also faster.


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Electric models make life a lot easier since you can start them up quickly and store them away just as fast. And even after a long time being unused, they start up without a hitch.

Best Electric Pressure Washer Comparison and Guide

To help you find the top rated pressure washers, we’ve compiled the best performers on the market and included the important specifications that will help you choose between the different models available.

NamePressure Rating (PSI)Water Volume (GPI)WeightPrice
AR Blue Clean AR383

Sun Joe SPX3000
Karcher K3
AR Blue Clean AR118
Campbell Hausfeld PW1825

Powerworks 51102

Advantages of Electric Power Washers

Between the two major types of pressure washers, the electric version gives you some of the benefits that you don’t get with the gas model. Here are the main reasons for picking up an electric based power washer over one that runs on gas.

  • No need to refill gas – In general, you don’t need to mess with gas and gas engines. With gas powered units, you’ll need to refuel regularly and your machine stops running when gas runs out. With electric units, just plug in the cord to the power outlet and you’re ready to go.
  • Quick Start – This is related to the first point. Gas engines take a lot more maintaining, and aren’t as easy to start up compared with electric units. With the electric power washers, just plug in the unit, turn on the power and you can start cleaning.
  • Low to No Noise – One of the main benefits of using this type of pressure washer is the low noise it produces. Depending on the model and brand you get, the electric pressure washer produces very little to almost no noise at all. Compare this to the louder engines of the gas powered models.
  • No Exhaust – When you use gas, you can expect to get some smoke exhaust, similar to that in cars. With electricity, there’s no smoke or exhaust produced. This makes them cleaner and also more environmentally friendly.
  • Lighter in Weight – In general, electric models weight close to about half the weight of a similar gas power washer.

That said, gas units give you more power so are better suited for commercial use or for heavy duty cleaning.

Best Electric Pressure Washer Reviews

AR Blue Clean AR383

The AR Blue Clean AR383 kicks off our best electric pressure washer reviews. The AR383 is ideal for driveways and patios and smaller projects such as grills. This unit is controlled by a trigger gun, meaning it has an automatic stop and start that you can take a good grip on and aim where you want the water spray to go.


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Its power cord is 30 ft. long, able to be utilized over great distances, especially when you take into consideration the 20 ft. hose. The power delivered by the AR383, like all power cleaners, is the most important part, and it gives you pressure at 1,900 PSI. This lets you cover a variety of home cleaning chores with enough pressure to take out grime and dirt that has stuck on to surfaces.

Multiple features of this unit are adjustable, such as the spray head, detergent tank, filter, injector, and pressure hose. As for product weight, it’s 27 lbs. You’ll need your regular electric socket to power it up and keep this pressure washer working. It is relatively light to carry and easy to move about but maintains a lot of power to take on most home jobs.

AR Blue Clean AR118

For a more compact unit, the AR Blue Clean AR118 may suit your needs better. This power washer is more spot on for smaller pressure washing tasks such as grills, lawnmowers, and other gardening machinery.

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It is all about convenience and being lightweight. This pressure washer still has a good amount of power to get the job done without as much weight, as it delivers a PSI of 1,500 while only weighing 11.7 lbs.

The nozzle is adjustable for pressure preference and function versatility but also for safety. Thanks to it’s small size, it need not be a rolling stand up unit, but can be put on table tops and carried by hand. It does cover similar area as many other electric pressure washers because of its 30 foot power cord and 20 foot long hose.

The AR118 would be ideal for someone who is just starting out with pressure washing and is only troubled with in small washing tasks, or wants something that is mild enough not to damage the surfaces or objects it washes.

If someone has taken an interest in pressure washing and needs something cheap, small, convenient, easy to move about, and a nice introduction to quick power washing, the AR Blue Clean AR118 is the way to go.

Sun Joe SPX3000

Among the best pressure washers available, the Sun Joe SPX3000 gives you a bit more power than the two previous items covered in our electric pressure washer reviews. With up to 2030 PSI of water pressure, it runs about 1.76 gallons of water every minute.

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This Sun Joe creation gives you excellent power making it a good all-around cleaning tool for the home user. It has a dual detergent tank system, combining the liquids for the ultimate clean or switch between the two tanks as needed.

It weighs 31 lbs, but is conveniently easily maneuverable. The power cord extends 35 feet and the high quality pressure hose reaches 20 feet. It runs on a 14.5 amps motor to supply its power.

Like many pressure washers, this one relies on trigger guns, which have a safety lock on it so you can easily start or stop the stream of water in an instant. This pressure washer is spot on for someone interested in tasks that require a higher amount of water pressure such as housing sides, patios, and even vehicles. On a price against performance basis, the Sun Joe SPX300 ranks among the best electric pressure washer options available.

Karcher K5.540

The Karcher X-Series electric pressure washer is all about adjustment and accommodating situational needs. It is a high powered pressure washer with 2000 PSI to handle those difficult tasks.

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Part of it’s design is geared towards sustainability and continuing use. It has a water-cooled induction motor intended to extend it’s life and usability. If the user is faced with a rigorous task, there are attachable nozzles to increase the water pressure, or lower it using wider spraying angles for more delicate cleaning.

An extra attachment called the Vario Power Spray wand comes in handy when faced with smaller tasks that require lower pressures. Lastly, it comes with a 25 ft. high pressure hose, that is sufficient for reaching great distances that need power washing.





Powerworks 51102

For those in search of an affordable, lightweight power washer for light duty work around the home, the Powerworks 51102 is one of the top choices around. This unit has delivers 1700 PSI of pressure and consumes 1.4 GPM of water.

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So you get enough water pressure and power to tackle numerous outdoor washing tasks you face it with for residential cleaning. It comes with two built in soap tanks to switch between for when you need detergent to help remove the stubborn dirt.

It has wheels attached for easy mobility and weighs 37.6 lbs., which is around half of what many gas powered pressure cleaners do. It’s able to cover a good area with a 35 ft. power cord and 25 foot high pressure hose. There is also a metal wand with multiple tips and nozzles for different cleaning strengths based on what the surface or item you’re washing.

The Powerworks 51102 is ideal for an individual dealing with tasks that require a good amount of pressure but without the heft, noise, gas refill and exhaust to deal with.