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AR Blue Clean AR118 Review

Welcome to our AR Blue Clean AR118 pressure washer reviews. Here we take an in depth look at this compact and portable electric power washer. Built with convenience in mind, the AR118 comes with a much smaller body that allows you to carry the unit on a single arm making it much easier to transport or maneuver when in use.

The AR Blue Clean AR118 Pressure Washer is designed for light to medium cleaning work. It is unique in that it delivers impressive power similar to those larger, bulkier models that you need to roll around.

Priced at under $100, the compact size offers the convenience of being able to store it easily or bring it with you as you clean the areas that need sanitizing.



Features and Performance

To familiarize you a bit with this particular item, the AR Blue Clean AR118 pressure washer is manufactured by AR North America. And in based on reviews given by those who have purchased and used it, has been given an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

Having gained a reputation for ease of use combined with power and durability, this unit is one of the most popular choices in hand held use pressure washers.

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The AR Blue Clean AR118 also includes the following features:

  • It has a good length power cord that is 30 ft. in length. This gives you good range without having to keep looking for a nearer power outlet.
  • Hose length runs up to 20 ft. This is a great length for work around the house or while on the job.
  • It produces 1500 PSI in total water pressure. For such a small unit, this provides an excellent amount of pressure needed for quick completion of light to medium duty cleaning jobs.
  • It operates at 1.50 GPM (gallons per minute) of water. This gives you a strong, steady stream going, making work much simpler. At the same time economical.
  • Durable plungers constructed of tough stainless steel.
  • Built in safety mechanism provides for automatic shut off directly at the head of the pump.
  • Wobble-plate pump featuring three axial piston, aiding in the provision of power in the AR Blue Clean AR118.

Best Features of the AR118 Electric Power Washer

The feature that has claimed the most positive attention is the power offered by this pressure washer. For the cost and size, you’d expect less but it delivers just as much power as many larger, stand-up rolling models.

All listed features above that contribute to the power level seem to work together so well that customers have actually reiterated safety warnings in their own reviews. This is one relatively powerful, effective pressure washer. It has the capability to cut through wood and other hard materials. Because of this is, it is very important to exercise care and caution since using too much water pressure may damage property, paint or furniture.

While it is recognized that this is no industrial strength pressure washer, the AR Blue Clean AR118 has the capability to handle any job from paint and rust removal to deep cleaning siding and other residential tasks. It is also perfect for smaller jobs that need done at the work site.

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Another popular feature is the hand carry ability that is integrated into the unit’s design. With the convenience of travel in close proximity any job is done more efficiently and effectively. Those who have purchased and actively use this pressure washer find the hand held design to be very preferential to some other units designed.

In essence, the AR Blue Clean AR118 is strong, powerful pressure washer that is an excellent buy for the price. It will impress you with its compact design and the amazing power it provides to the user. Product owners are very satisfied with the product and their decision to purchase.

Some Points To Keep In Mind

Other points that are important to make would include the fact that the 30 foot cord does not tuck away inside the unit. The cord is also not retractable so you need to manually wind it yourself. However, this is a small inconvenience as the the unit is extremely portable. For the cost, size, and performance, the AR Blue Clean AR118 delivers when the job needs to be done.

AR Blue Clean AR118 Pressure Washer Review Summary

When taking into consideration the type of product you are looking for, the AR Blue Clean AR118 is a great pressure washer that is powerful and effective for its design and purpose. It is perfect to have for residential purposes, and definitely has its place in a work environment.

When comparing the quality to the price, you have a product that is well worth the money, and it will be usable for some time to come with proper care and maintenance. It is among the cheapest power washers available making it something you don’t have to put down a lot of cash on, yet make outdoor and indoor house work much faster and more convenient.

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